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The UNIX Spreadsheet MacroCALC

What is MacroCALC

MacroCALC - "mc" or "321" is a powerful Lotus compatible character based spreadsheet that supports 100000 rows, 700 columns, 40 functions, 8 display formats, file linking, macro programming and user definable functions.

It is a curses-based console-program and needs no graphical environmaent.

It is fully integrated with [nt]roff, units, man, awk, perl and sh. As it should be in the UNIX-environment, the program can act as a filter enabling users to use pipes to perform complex transforms on streams of data. It contains a C programming interface as well as Lotus WKS and dBASE file support. MacroCALC's own file-format is flat ASCII, easy to understand and can therefore be directly manipulated with awk, perl or other standard UNIX-tools, or even with editors like vi.

MacroCALC is the only spreadsheet that manages units:
1 mile + 1 km = 1.62 miles
1 km / 1 hour * 30 sec = 8.33 m

MacroCALC allows for calculations that incorporate units of measure with its associated value within each individual cell. Numerical manipulations are accomplished in a fashion that ensures consistent units of measure and automated unit conversions. It contains over 800 different types of units including simple ones like length and time, and complex units like power. Like a scientist, the system is aware of the rules for calculating with units; so for instance if a "length" is divided a "time" it will show an "speed" result, and a "length" cannot be added to a "mass".

MacroCALC is a professional product, sold a couple hundred times for UnixWare, SCO, Coherent, Interactive, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX. Its rcs-controlled, lint-clean ANSI-C source is based on yacc, lex and [n]curses. It runs on every terminal or emulation that has a correct terminfo-entry. The user-interface is very convenient and well-known by Lotus 1-2-3 users. Function- and cursor-keys and extended video attributes are supported. The menus and messages are in separate editable files and can be easily translated into any language (English, French, German and Polish are included in the distribution). Every command in the package has a detailed man-page (English only). The product is supported by the developers homepage, by eMail or Fax.

MacroCALC's man-page Online

Software Agreement

The software is provided "AS IS" without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The entire risc of the software is with You. In no event we will be liable for any damages, including any lost profits, lost savings or other incidental damages arising out of the use or inability to use the software, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages, or for any claim by another party.


The software on this distribution is "freeware" for Linux and FreeBSD. The unmodified distribution file can be freely distributed in any way. For other systems than Linux or FreeBSD the system works only as a demonstration program without a valid license-key (serial number).


Log into your system as the "root" user and change into an empty directory (after installation this directory can be removed completely). Copy the distribution file into this directory and simply start the distribution file with:

sh <filename>

After that (this step just unpacks files in the current directory) read the file "README" for next steps. You can download the distribution file from here.


MacroCALC v761 for Linux glibc 2.5 ( PGP Signature
MacroCALC v724 for Linux glibc 2.3 ( PGP Signature
MacroCALC v723 for Linux static ( PGP Signature
MacroCALC v760 for Mac OS/X ( DEMO PGP Signature
MacroCALC v723 for Solaris x86 ( DEMO PGP Signature
MacroCALC v723 for HP-UX ( DEMO PGP Signature
MacroCALC v722 for FreeBSD ( PGP Signature
MacroCALC v721 for Linux glibc ( PGP Signature
MacroCALC v721 for SCO ( DEMO PGP Signature
MacroCALC v721 for Solaris 8 ( DEMO PGP Signature
MacroCALC v721 for AIX 5 ( DEMO PGP Signature
MacroCALC v62b for Linux libc ( NOT RECOMMENDED PGP Signature
MacroCALC v61b for Linux a.out ( NOT RECOMMENDED PGP Signature

Checksums (Unix sum-command: "sum"):
Chksum Size(k)
61709   191
48042   151
00633   201
12013  1691
49750   171
37900   331
24212   231
61295   191
25272   521
61257   311
56600   421
24821   171
25904   196

If you download, install and work with MacroCALC it would be very nice to send me just a short eMail what you think about it. Any further comments or flames are also welcome.

PGP PGP-Key Certification Authority Heise Verlag Germany

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